First Sunday?


When you visit Merrill Wesleyan can expect to be welcomed with a smile and to meet a friendly group of people who will treat you like family. 

There will be people to open the door for you and help you find anything that you need.

  • First Sunday Jitters?

    We've all been there. Anytime a person attends a church for the first time it comes with butterflies, anxieties, and fears over the unexpected. Consider yourself normal. I (Pastor Brad) even get uncomfortable when I walk into a church for the first time. It feels like a blind date...not knowing what to expect...hoping it will be good...but preparing for the worst! I pray these short notes will help settle your heart on what your first visit to MWC might be like.

  • What should I wear and when should I get there?

    What to Wear? In terms of 'dress', Merrill Wesleyan is a "come as you are" church. Some men wear blue jeans - others wear dress shirts - a few wear ties. Some ladies wear slacks - others wear dresses. 

    What time should I arrive? Depends. If you have no children and are easily 'mobile', then arrive by about 8:50 am to be in the Worship Center in time for our 9:00 am First Service. If you are planning on coming to our Second Service, you will probably want to arrive by 10:15 am. We start worship at 10:30 am.  I like to show up 10 minutes early to get acclimated to the surroundings. If you have children or need additional time to get around, I would recommend about 15 minutes before the start of each service, which will provide enough time to get settled. 

  • What is the worship like?

    The goal of our 9:00 AM Service is to help you connect with God and friends who make you feel like family during a traditional time of worship. This service includes Piano and hymns and lasts about 60 minutes. 

    Our 10:30 AM Service includes a Praise Band with Contemporary Choruses as well as modernized Hymns. 

  • What is there for my kids?

    For Children K-5th Grade we have Kids Church during both services October through May. When you arrive, let one of our greeters know that you are interested in this ministry for your child. Our Kids meet in the lower lever of our Children's Wing. Our nursery (birth to 2 years) is well staffed as is our Toddler Church (ages 3-4). Of course, if you feel more comfortable, parents are welcome to keep their kids with them during the worship service.

    Will my kids be safe?

    We have made every effort to ensure the safety of our children and adults. Childcare workers have approved background checks run through law enforcement agencies. We value the lives of every person who walks through our doors.

Get Involved

The Merrill Wesleyan Church family draws from multiple communities in the Saginaw Valley, including Saginaw, Midland and Gratiot Counties. We are strategically located 3 3/4 miles north of M-46 so that we are more accessible to a broader section of the Saginaw Valley.  Our families come from Midland, Saginaw, Freeland, Shields, Hemlock, St. Louis, Breckenridge, many other Mid-Michigan Communities and of course, Merrill. 

Merrill Wesleyan Church is a place where you can connect into each other's lives. It's a place where you can grow in Christ and be empowered to go into our world and be the Church.

             We hope you join us this Sunday and begin to experience God's love and forgiveness in a church that wants to be part of your family.

where we are

MWC Address: 

3765 N Chapin Rd.

Merrill, MI 48637

We are located 3 3/4 miles north

of M-46 on Chapin Rd in Merrill.