Salt  Life

Salt / Life (Discipleship) is not a program, it’s a process. Here at MWC, our goal is to provide you opportunities to take the next step in your relationship with Christ.

Spiritual Growth means that you are making progress. That Christ is being formed in you. That your attitudes, thoughts, actions, and character reflect those of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Here are at MWC, you will find a few different ways you can take the next steps. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, we hope that we can partner with you and help you follow Christ.

The important thing is that we all are moving closer to Christ. 

Salt Groups

Studying & Learning Together

Salt Groups are designed to ask the question, "What's Next?" in my spiritual walk.

What do I need to do to continue to grow spiritually & be used by God to impact a world?

Happening Now

Salt Groups on Sundays
March - May, 2020

Topic: "Grown Up Faith" by Kevin Myers
Taught by, Tony & Claudia Koprowski, and Bill Anders

Time: 9:00 AM in the Dining Room

Topic: Wesley Bible Curriculm / Follow Me: God is faithful to His People

A Study through the new & Old Testaments that will Reveal God's Faithfulness to His People

Taught By, Mark Brumels  at 9:00 AM in Room 104 and Dave Doehring in the Dinning Room. 

January - March 2020 Adult Evening Salt Group 
Topic:"One Race - One Blood" by Dr. Dana Seed
Taught By, Pastor Tim

"In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the issue from a biblical perspective. When we start with the Bible, we find that there is only one race - the human race." Dr. Dana Seed

Time: 5:30 PM in the Chapel

Salt Groups for Fall of 2020

Dsicples Path by Life Way

"Stand by the roads and look. Ask about the ancient paths: 

Which is the way to what is Good?" Jeremiah 6:16

Speptember 2020 thorugh May of 2021


"The Beginning" 

- What Does it mean to become a disciple of Jesus?
- How do I Make Jesus the Center of my life?

How do I connect with God in a deep and personal way?

What does my relationsip with Jesus look like in Community?

How do I model Jesus in my Everyday life? 

"The Call"

- Gain a greater understanding of discipleship by examining the way Jesus Discipled.

-  Understanding the Lordship of Jesus and a greater sense of identy in Christ.

Realize how a Disciple interacts with and responds to the world. 

Learn Key Biblical passages addressing what is means to follow Jesus.

Know the cost and true value of following Jesus. 

"The Life"

- Examine the connection between the disciples and the life of a disciple.

- Learn tactics for implementing the Spiritual discipleines into daily routines.

- Develope more acquainted with bibilical models of the spiritual disciplines

- Esablish a more regular and effective prayer life. 

"The Mission"

- Gain a greater depth of understanding of God's mission.

- Examine the disciples's crucial role in God's plan. 

- Realize the centratlity of Jesus in a disciple's mission. 

Understanding mission as an important part of discipleship.

Fing God's mission for You.

"The Truth"

- Examine six facets of what it means to follow Christ. 

- Learn how to model what it means to be a disciple. 

- Have opportunities to practice discipleship. 

-Establish a habit for looking to the Bible for life Solutions. 

Find ways to apply basic biblical doctrines to everyday life. 

"the Way"

- Examine five crucial elements of discipleship form Jesus' Ministry. 

- Allow the facilitator to model what it means to be a disciple.

- Be exposed to foundational discipleship-based stories of the Bible. 

- Uncover ways to apply the priorities of a disciple. 

- Practice good habit is order to better understand Christ's path of Discipleship. 


Life Group
Living In Fellowship Everyday

Connecting is hard when looking for lasting friendships.  What if taking one simple step changed everthing? 

What is a Life Group?

LIFE Groups consist of 4 - 8 people who gather together for fellowship, growth in Christ and live out the mission God has given us.  LIFE Groups are how we do life together here at MWC. 

Life Groups is another way for us to Multiply ourselves into other people. 

When and Where do LIFE Groups Meet? 

Groups meet on different days and time throughout the week.  Some meet every week, and some once a month.  Most groups meet in homes, but some meet in Coffee Shops or other local areas. 

What king of LIFE Groups are available?  

LIFE Groups: Men, Women, Couples, Young Adults, and Everybody.  Everybody groups are ones that are not specifice to men or women but are open for anyone to join. 

LIFE Groups are open for anyone to join. 

LIFE Groups primarily study books of the Bible and how to apply scripture to one's life for transformation.  

Life Groups Multiply themselves.  The life span of a Life Group is One to Two years and then they split to form new Life Groups.   Again, the goal is to be a disciple that disciples others for life.

Is Childcare Provided?

Not all LIFE Groups offer childcare.  However, there are options available.  Some groups have members who share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements.  

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