CAMP 180 / #Selfless 2019

Ephesians 2:8-10

6th Grade (11 years old) - 12 grade (18 years old)

CAMP 180 is a life changing experience that God has used through the years as a tool to see Teen’s lives turn 180 degrees and pursue Christ with all they have!  


CAMP 180 brings a unique atmosphere for a teen to get away from the “normal” life and gives them the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, independence and experience God in a fresh way.  This experience here at CAMP 180 is something that cannot always be replicated anywhere else.  The pairing of exciting activities, games and relationships with Biblical truth is the formula that make CAMP 180 a life changing experience! 


Here at CAMP 180 it is our mission and desire for teens to be transformed into the image of Christ.  We desire here at CAMP 180 to help foster that life change.  We have been blessed as a CAMP to watch God work through the years and we take full advantage to show each teen how much God loves them. 


CAMP 180 strives to provide a safe, uplifting, and caring experience as they come to our CAMP.   


Consider today to sign up your teen for a week of camp. Trust me, you will be glad you did!

Your invited to CAMP 180!

Located at 9528 E. 16th Rd., Manton, MI 49663
@ Manton Christian Camp

Cost: $220

Or $200

If Registered by May 20, 2018

1,2,3 of Registration

1.Choose:Mark on your registration form either Middle School or High School. 

2. Send: Complete the registration form with your $50 Deposit.  NO Refunds After July 8, 2019, Check Made Out To Great Lakes Region  / In Memo, CAMP 180

3. Come to Camp: A confirmation email will be sent to you once your registration is processed.  

                                      Questions: Contact Laura Santana (231) 519-2479

Letter to Youth Leaders & Parents  CAMP_180_Letter_.pdf

Registration Form CAMP_180_Registration_2019_.docx

CAMP 180 Flyer CAMP_180_2019.pdf

CAMP 180 Promo Video My_Promo_video_18.mp4

CAMP 180 Staff

  • Camp Director
    Brad Harris

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  • Assistant & ACTIVITY Director
    Chelo Santana

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  • Tech Director

    Andrew Thompson

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  • Breakout Director

    Tim Engelsman

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  • Head Counselor

    Ashely Jeske

    Type content here...

  • Security

    Charity THompson

    Type content here...

  • Camp Nurse

    Judy Harris

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  • food Service Director

    Nate Tester

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CAMP 180 #Selfless