Media Reviews

Below are some resources to help you in your media choices.  "Know before you go!" and "Try before you buy!" are two pieces of great advice for any parent.  Below are some links to resources that may make your parenting a little easier as well as help you and your family grow in your faith.

  • movies, music, television, games and books

    This is a great sight to visit before going to a movie or even purchasing videos, games, music and books or even choosing your next T.V. series to devour on Netflix.  There are a lot of great reviews so you can see what a movies content is and why it was given its rating.  It will help you decide if the movie is appropriate to take your children to or if it is worth spending YOUR MONEY on.  It also has reviews of the latest music so that you have an idea of lyric content as well as music quality.  Looking at purchasing a new video game...check out the review first.  Click on the logo to the left to get Plugged In.